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Posted by Gaétan Charbonneau on February 21, 2010

Bonjour, Hello, Hola!
While this blog will relate to photography, I will use a number of  perspectives to the way I will bring my subject forward.
Beside commenting on the story behind the images  (some may allude to the creative process concept),  I will give my impressions on the book cover that forced me to stop and look. More or less, I will try to make it a habit to dissect the cover jacket that attracted my attention for all the good reasons. Honorable mentions will be given to those crediting the photographers and the illustrators work. After all, I presume that the cover design must have some impact on the sales generated by the book, then the creator’s name  neatly credited is something that we all appreciate.
I may even ignore uncredited cover jackets, it will depend on my mood, on the temperature outside, and on the status of my hair day. I may also comment on magazine covers, or on these huge and awesome music cover jackets that we are blessed to see since the vinyl revival, who knows really. Those in doubts can have a look at Sufjan Stevens/Illinoise LP, stunning original artwork by Divya Srinivasan. Ok, your don’t have a turntable, yet, and can’t see what I am talking about,  so here it is: Variable perspective being the keyword here.
See you soon! & Adios all
Gaétan Charbonneau

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