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Posted by Gaétan Charbonneau on February 26, 2010

AURALAND BOREALIS/ All rights reserved, Gaétan Charbonneau ©
Seeing AURALAND BOREALIS, pictorially speaking.
One of the thing that most amazes me with photography is walking/driving in front of a familiar area and not seeing the picture that lies within.  Familiar surroundings simply refusing to be part of my pictorial world. That is until, click, one of these days the mind sees it all. The best example I can think of this was when I finally saw the image that resulted in AURALAND BOREALIS.
The picture is from a building I drove by a couple of times a week, for so many years. Each and every time I glanced at it, wondering how great the location was, overlooking a river with the access to a bridge leading to Montreal. The building is even more striking at night in winter, reflecting it’s huge concrete mass into the icy river. But that remained the overly classy image I just didn’t wanted to see. It took ILFORD to come out with the 3200 ASA film/120 format, to lead me to the right idea, something I could be satisfied with.
With the camera hand held, using this film that I process myself gave me more latitude to light up the scene with a long exposure, and to fill in flash. The points of light are from lights on the balcony.  A touch of color on the brightest part of the images and here I was reaching my objectives, shaking off my own inertia to confront a subject I wasn’t really seeing, pictorially speaking. The image walks the fine line between photography and illustration, brought by the level of abstraction provided by night photography, the reversed negative and the added color on the light streaks and on the background.
Limited edition of 50/archival digital prints available.  Please contact me for further details.
Adios all

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