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Crisis idea for sale! The Apathy Crisis

Posted by Gaétan Charbonneau on June 8, 2010

Ha! Just kidding! That was just my funny tittle of the day. Apparently bad news is not enough, we now need crisis to be taken seriously. Were lucky now, crisis comes in a full range of sizes and color,  from finance to vaccine,  religion to oil spills. I’d be rich if I could sell crisis, it would sell like hot-dogs. Keep it up big media, you’re doing a great job.That is until  everybody gets really fed up and stop listening.  Hey, is that the next crisis on the plate? Nobody takes crisis seriously? The Apathy Crisis? That would be quite a crisis.  When I type the word CRISIS into the search box, I get 42,968 result! The concept of crisis is so 2008 it’s getting  overcrowded. Time to move on folks, we’ve come full circle.
ps: yes, I know, I was already told the end is near. Thanks anyway.
Adios all!

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