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When less is more in graphic design

Posted by Gaétan Charbonneau on August 21, 2010

CANADIAN POETRY 1920 to 1960.
Edited by Brian Trehearne, published by McClelland & Steward Ltd, cover design by CS RichardsonImage: Gaétan Charbonneau©
When less is more, in graphic design.
I just did this book cover with one of my Black & White image, CANADIAN POETRY 1920 – 1960, from Brian Trehearne, published by McClelland & Steward Ltd, cover design by CS Richardson.
I first saw the book on display this week while looking for something else, a bit by accident. From a distance, the simplicity of the design was what attracted my attention in the first place.
Who said Black & White doesn’t sell anymore? That for the sake of convenience it is better to shoot in color since an eventual customer interested in licensing the image could simply strip out the color information? Book designers are a busy bunch. Always on the rush, I am not sure they have the time to imagine how a color image can translate into a monochrome, they need to see what they need on the lightbox, and the sooner the better.
From my perspective, it’s an entirely different story to go out with a digital camera knowing that no matter the subject, color information can always be stripped out, rather then using a camera with B & W films. On these occasions the mind sets in, and it then becomes possible to visualized the world in B & W on a level difficult to achieve otherwise.
Adios all

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