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Posted by Gaétan Charbonneau on March 4, 2017

For street photographers, the exploration of new surroundings does not stop to exotic places and big city structures. It goes well beyond the decor and  always reach the line of cultural differences when it’s time to press the shutter. Of course each photographer will have it’s own approach, some are less “in your face” than others in their own body language and image making tactic, and that’s the part A of the equation. Part B is the interaction with the locals and their attitude towards photography. In my traveling experience, the southern of the hemisphere I went, the more the people were acutely “aware” of their immediate surroundings. Some clearly overreacted, and some other people were down right paranoid in regards to the motive of my photographic ventures. In some cases the explanation  that I was an artist just didn’t cut it… and I must admit that explaining why I took a photo of an intercom (at night) can sometime raise eyebrows.

Eye contact also varied greatly from one place to another. In Spain for instance, I felt that madrileños responded in keeping eye contact a lot longer than most of the other places I went, and much longer than the eye contact I can have in my own native town, Montreal where the contact is a lot shorter and less direct, in the context of street photography. In the end it’s always intriguing to see what can be attributed to the size of the city, to the culture, and to the photographer attitude. All the spices that makes street photography one of the most interesting way of seeing the world.

 Adios all!

3 button intercom, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. All rights reserved, Gaétan Charbonneau © /Millennium Images.

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