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To edit or not to edit with prints, that is the question

Posted by Gaétan Charbonneau on January 3, 2011

Yesterday I picked up the magazine where this image actually appear, Tricycle/The buddhist review, winter 2010. On these occasions I always have flashes of the state of mind I was in when I created the image.  Sure enough the tittle of the article  is “Mind like a Mirror/ The shimmering reflections of consciousness“, written by Andrew Glendzki.

I recall that at the time I was literally driving with mirrors in the back of my car, not quite sure how I would craft my final ideas. It didn’t pop up immediately, I had mirrors on the grass, under my harms, pieces of mirrors broken on the sidewalk and a couple of other concepts. The only thing that kept me searching for an idea I could be happy with, was my habit of printing my work, and looking at my prints side by side. It was the continuity, the flow of my mind looking for something, but not quite getting there that I could see on these prints. The only thing I could understand clearly was that I was getting closer with every picture, hence the final idea that appear here (model Brandon Queen holding the mirror).

That is precisely the point with editing. Of course it is to select the so-called final image(s), but it is above everything else, to see hints and traces of the future work that will take form. This method make sense for me, even (especially!) in an age where computer screens are taking away so much of our attention. Who knows, working this way might even be a revelation for those who never tried it out, a bit like having a shimmering reflections of consciousness… !

Adios all!


The Mirror, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. All rights reserved, Gaétan Charbonneau © /Millennium Images.



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